Conservatish with Peter Feliciano

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Are you kinda Conservative? Kinda Liberal? Definitely sick of having to pick sides and get offended?

'Conservatish with Peter Feliciano'  is for you!

Bay Area musician/comedian Peter Feliciano talks with guests from ALL walks of life and political orientation, pushing the boundaries of taboo talk and comedy.

AVAILABLE ANYWHERE podcasts stream!

 "Peter Feliciano is a powerhouse vocalist and entertainer. He wrestles the songwriter idiom into joyful and often morbid submission, pairing theatrical facial expressions with soaring melodies. He insists on unpredictability, yet always remains accessible and beloved to an exponentially growing fan base."

           -LIZZIE KARR

  "Peter Feliciano is fantastic. Great music, great personality, very unique artist. A show that is sure to impress any. Plus he is a nice guy. Like his page, and go see him!"

           -Mike Murrell

  "My husband and I were lucky enough to have Peter play at our wedding reception in January. He was amazing, fun, and really got the crowd excited! We still to this day have guests asking about him and commenting on his outrageous talent. Pete is a rare gem, and we hope to have him play more at future events!"

           -JENN & LEONARD TRACY

  "Can't wait to collaborate with this awesome dude."

           -MINDY SUGA

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